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What if you apply design thinking to help people deal with burnout?

The other day I had a realization. This realization definitely affected how I approach serving people and building the business. But before that, a short preface... Imagine a random non-technical problem (dealing with stress, public speaking, sales, etc). Then think [...]

No time? Here’s how to find time for what matters

We all have a large list of things we need to do and we always seem to always be short on time. There are business matters like client calls, marketing and social media. Then there are (hopefully) friends, family time [...]

What’s wrong with 3 cups of coffee per day

Imagine a cup of freshly brewed artisan coffee from an independent coffee shop. Imagine the smell and the taste of it. It doesn’t get better than that, does it? But what is this cup to you? Is it something tasty [...]

Living life without thinking about it

It’s amazing by how many people seem to live their lives without making conscious life choices. From the outside it looks like they don’t seem to reflect about their lives and make changes to it. They just go with the [...]

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