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Better Performance, Less Burnout

Increase your performance and competitiveness without burnout

The problem

Do you find yourself overthinking things when you should be working? Do you rely on coffee as the main source of energy? Do you tend to work late at nights?

You realize that self-care is important but somehow you never get to it​. You are ambitious and goal-oriented but struggle to achieving the balance. 

You ​want to learn the most actionable and useful ways to achieve that balance. You want to be able to finish all your work for that day and then have time for yourself and loved ones. You want to worry less about the future and be more present.

You learned about different things that can ease up your life but have no idea how to commit to them and put everything together. This is where my several years of research on performance and burnout will come in handy! ​There are better ways to exercise than spending an hour 3 times a week in the gym doing cardio and pulling weights. There are better ways of getting more energy than another cup of coffee.

I would love to help you put everything together and make sense of all the things you can do to increase your performance and kick burnout!

Less burnout program outline

  • Nutrition. Healthy nutrition lies at the center of great performance. We go over the staples of a health diet, tips and hacks on how to make it easier and sustainable, ways of dealing with cravings, brain fog and tiredness, increasing performance without coffee or sugar and many other things.
  • Physical. This section includes the most effective workouts, hacks on meditation, hacks on the effective reduction of stress, tips on dealing with tiredness and other best practices to help feel amazing.
  • Social. The section is about the effect of social life on performance and burnout. It includes actionable ways to tweak your social life and life outside of office to reduce stress and extend your life span.
  • Personal development. Here we discuss self development and how it contributes to performance and burnout. Not trying to be a personal coach here but pose a few thought provoking issues and some perspective which has an interesting connection to the level of performance.

How we can work together

Option 1: Crash course on burnout in a day. A 6 hour session where we go over the whole program in the shortest time possible. Don't worry, handouts are included so that you're not overwhelmed by the amount of information. 

Option 2: 5 tailored individual sessions​. 5 weekly 1 hour sessions where we guide you throughout the whole program.

About Nik

I am a former lawyer turned entrepreneur. GetAnxious is the project where my love for knowledge intersects with my desire to make things better for myself and other people. Several experiences were invaluable in getting to where I am right now:

  • Hold 3 degrees in law: B.A. in law (Moscow State University, Russia), J.D. and LL.M. (University of Toronto, Canada)
  • Have worked in large international and small law firms and consulting (Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Allen & Overy, Blake, Cassels & Graydon, Cobalt Business Counsel, Deloitte)
  • Have one moderately unsuccessful startup behind me 
  • Started a new life from scratch in Canada several years ago

I'm currently based in Toronto, Canada but open to work with people around the world