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Welcome to GetAnxious! This resource was created to help entrepreneurs and freelancers build their dreams, deal with burnout and stress in an actionable way and enjoy their life along the way.

The problem

Do any of the following sound familiar: self-criticism; feeling unproductive; pushing yourself to make perfect work; having a life that’s like a blur? These are some of the prevalent issues among entrepreneurs and freelancers. Many of us are trying to achieve great goals while everything else gets pushed aside.

The goal

The goal of this project is to provide entrepreneurs with actionable hacks for dealing with stress along their business journey without the need for more willpower. The idea is to provide a comprehensive program so that entrepreneurs can take immediate action instead of spending hours searching and reading for something useful. For better results the material covers a number of different topics, including mental state, mindfulness, nutrition, productivity and others.


A short answer – because I think that more people should start their own thing and do what they are good at. This would lead to better services/ products offered and faster innovation. The world would become a better place!

A long answer involves a story. Back in 2009 I started the school in Toronto. The first year of law school when you’re entirely new to the country cannot be described as very pleasant. Second year was not much better because of the increased work load. By the end of that year, I got sick of Toronto and studying. An exchange term at Amsterdam was the best treatment and also significantly shifted my life perspective. For some reason people in there were not obsessed with work and world domination. Seeing people that enjoy their life got me thinking why North America is so different. But this thought was left untouched for two years while I was getting my license and slaving at meaningless positions.

Things changed after the unsuccessful attempt to launch a photography business in 2015. I got sad and blue because of that. When it came to summer I had a realization that life is not fun when you’re sad and have no energy or desire to do anything. I went on a spree on trying anything that seemed fun (while also being safe)! I patched up my health after several years of battling stomach problems! After the summer was over I felt amazing!

So I began telling everyone around me about the changes I’ve made. The most awesome part is that people listened! This is how the GetAnxious idea was born. I saw a lot of friends entrepreneurs and freelancers around me working in an unhealthy manner. While it gets things done, it is not sustainable. I think that entrepreneurs are awesome and they are essential to the innovation. This is why I decided to create an effective product to help them achieve their dreams and build awesome businesses.

This is the project where I can put my love for research and knowledge to good use. For the longest time I wondered how I can beneficially use all that information that I read every day. With this project, all the knowledge I was able to get about nutrition, life balance, goal setting, productivity, exercise, meditation, NLP, hypnosis, behavioral therapy can finally be used for the benefit of other people!